Monday, July 21, 2014

God, Don't Ever Let Me Forget...

Last night, I was sitting in the grand stands waiting for Francesca Battistelli to come out on stage.  I decided that rather than daydream, I would make better use of my time and pray for my Compassion children.  I got to child #3 when someone I knew came and sat beside me.  We ended up chatting until the concert began. (It was a FABULOUS concert BTW).

As I walked to my car in the fair parking lot-almost a mile if I guess right-I picked up my Compassion prayers with child #4: Aida.  As I prayed, I recalled some precious memories from our meeting almost two years ago.  Tears came to my eyes as I prayed, "Please, God, don't ever let me forget that giggle, that squeal of delight, those precious snuggles."

As I continue to my car, I am flooded my more memories from my Compassion trips.  "God, please, don't ever let me forget that hug, that smile."

"Please, God, don't ever let me for get that 'I love you'."

Closer to my car, I begin to think of non-Compassion moments. I remember special times with my Grandma. "God, please, don't let me forget Grandma singing 'You are my Sunshine' when I was little, or decorating the Christmas tree with her and our special game with the golden tassel ornament. Don't let me forget the day she went to the nursing home and the chore of getting her dressed became a privilege when she told me how honored she was to have me help her on her last day at home. God, PLEASE, don't ever let me forget the last time I visited Grandma and she looked right at me after being basically unresponsive all day." Even now, I have that silly golden tassel beside an old photograph of Grandma and me sitting on my dresser.

As I arrive at my car and proceed to drive home, I crank up the radio and many songs including, those I had just heard from Francesca, remind me of so many times that God has shown Himself to me in a special way. Sometimes in song lyrics, sometimes in quotes, sometimes through tears, and sometimes through the warmth of sunshine that reminds me of a hug from heaven.  

"God, don't ever let me forget the times I have felt your arms around me and the peace that you have shown me. Please, God, don't ever let me forget that YOU love ME."

"Please, God, don't ever let me forget..."

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